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can I use washing machine water to water my plants



Only on large trees or very tall shrubs. Water the top of your soil only, do not water in newly planted shrubs with it.

25 Jun, 2010


bath or shower water is better, especially if you are using organic products.

25 Jun, 2010


try Googling "watering plants with washing machine water" for a wide choice of answers. It seems okay if the soap is biodegradeable, if you alternate it with fresh water waterings, and if there is chlorine in the water, it is allowed to sit for several days.

25 Jun, 2010


Thankfully our water is not, or minimally, chlorinated.

25 Jun, 2010


Since 1976, our first very hot, dry summer with hosepipe ban I have been pumping my washing machine water out into the childrens paddling pool and watering everything that needs it and honestly nothing has come to harm, I use a non-bio detergent. Water is a scarse commodity one we all take for granted.

25 Jun, 2010

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