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South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

can you tell me how to get rid of little red spiders. I am over run by them on walls floor and walls. They dont appear to be on the garden table yet are on a childs blue table. What can I use to get rid of them.
I also have an umbrella plan whcich seems to be dieing. Most of the leaves are going browm i9n places as is one of my formorens any idea what it could be and how I get rid of it?



Do you mean red spider mite - very small, slow moving, generally only found on plants which they can severely damage?

Or red velvet mite - larger, faster moving, often found on hot walls and concrete surfaces, are totally harmless and help to break down old leaf litter?

Or actual young spiders - garden spiders maybe - which are also harmless and a great asset to any garden?

Check each on Google and see what yours look most like...

25 Jun, 2010

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