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Part of my garden is full of weeds. What can I use to kill these of but still put in plants later? My garden is 3metres x 4 metres

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If you want to go down the chemical route then use a Glyphosate spray, such as Roundup. However the soil will be full of weed seeds that will immediately start to sprout once you remove the competition from the existing weeds - remember the old saying: "One year seed, Seven years Weed!"

If you prefer to be Organic and can wait a little longer then simply smother the whole area with thick layers of old carpet (readily available from your nearest recycling plant!) or black plastic - which will "cook" and kill many seeds as well as the weeds.

25 Jun, 2010


I think you only real chance of clearing this, is to dig it over and get the roots out covering in carpeting/plastic suppresses but does not kill the roots.

25 Jun, 2010



26 Jun, 2010

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