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my hibiscus is a china rose??? and the buds as i say wont open they just drop off the stem

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24 Jun, 2010


Gawd above, right, here goes again:
average warmth; as much light as possible, but shade from very hot summer sun; keep compost moist at all times, reduce watering in winter; mist leaves occasionally.

24 Jun, 2010


Susan - "China Rose" is an (inappropriate and misleading) common name for tropical Hibiscus. Yes, it is an indoor only plant, they should under no circumstances be grown outside, plus they will always abort their flowers if they are too dry or too cold or in a draught. Each flower only ever lasts a day or two but if they're happy they will produce many more. Follow Bamboo's growing advice.

24 Jun, 2010


I'm very confused about Hibiscus now. Are there two sorts? Because Ilex says they are an indoor plant but Hibiscus are very popular in the Czech Republic as frost hardy garden plants. The first of my photos shows my creamy white one last August. My neighbour has a garden full of them, in many colours.

So is this a different plant from the one described above? Just found the label of mine which says Hibiscus syriacus White Chiffon "Notwoodtwo"

24 Jun, 2010


Cestina: yes, there are actually over 200 different species. The one that Susan was asking about was H. rosa-sinensis (hence the common name Chinese Rose) which is an entirely tropical plant. H. syriacus, on the other hand is a temperate hardy garden plant.

24 Jun, 2010

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