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Is fish blood and bone enough nutrition,oh and horse manure for general veg..



Hi Bobangles and welcome to GoY. Most veg need well composted soil. Dig the compost and/or well rotted (at least 1 year) horse manure in in the autumn so that it starts to break down over the winter. We don't use fish, blood and bonemeal on our veggie garden.

24 Jun, 2010


I live in Oxford not Aberdeen, that was a mistake.Thanks for welcome and prompt answers,Why dont you use FB an Bone?. I am trying to be organic, have composted for 25 years.Any ideas about organic plant food besides ,

24 Jun, 2010


We use bonemeal occasionally on the veg. garden but if you have fed the soil well with organic compost and well rotted manure then you should not need anything else. It will not do any harm, we just don't see the need to use, oh and we are organic too!

24 Jun, 2010

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