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I have recently brought and planted up a climbing rose to go up the wall of my cottage and make it look a bit like a story book cottage! It is doing quite well and flowering nicely but I am new to gardening and didn't really consider putting a trellis up behind it first. As the rose is planted in a container so I could probably have a shift around and get it attached to something now... Is this advisable or will it attach to the wall on it's own? Also, I know that this sounds rather naieve, but what happens to my climbing rose once it grows ABOVE the trellis- will I have to buy a bigger frame and change it round or will the rose just naturally continue growing up the wall?



Hi there, I had a climbing rose called Blue Moon and I didn't have it on a trellis, as I didn't read the label well enough and forgot it was climbing, lol. But it grew against the retaining wall, and the veranda posts. It was not in a container, not neccessary. Do remember roses need full sun. Now if it grows too tall, just prune it and it will only spread and climb sideways. I would certainly think it would like something to hold onto, unless you can tie it up on a rafter or beam or post or whatever. Good luck!

25 Jul, 2008


When you prune it next spring, you need to tie in the new shoots as horizontally as possible. This will get you more flowers. Roses do need tying onto the trellis with flexible ties or wire - not string as it rots. Then you are in control!

25 Jul, 2008

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