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Blueberry Suddenly Gone Brown! We have a blueberry plant that is in a terracotta plant pot with ericaceous compost. Last year it produced a few good fruit. This spring it put out lots of new green foliage, flowered really well, tiny fruit appeared... and within 10 days the leaves have gone dry and brown and the fruit have all withered away before they got a chance to swell.
It does not look like Blueberry Scorch Virus. Is it the varied weather that has shocked it or could it be something else? We are resigned to the fact that it may have died in its second year. :-( (East Herts, England)




What is your watering routine and how much would you normally give?

22 Jun, 2010


Terracotta plant pots lose a lot of moisture through their sides during warm/hot spells, so need quite a bit more water than usual.

22 Jun, 2010


Water every evening using mains water. After it started going really brown (after a week) we planted it in the ground with LOADS of ericaceous compost around it two days ago in the hope that it would help it retain more moisture. Roots looked fine - no sign of infestation or infection.

23 Jun, 2010

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