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By Dav

Somerset, United Kingdom Gb

A well established example of this tree, approx 35 years in the ground in Somerset, has not come into leaf this year. There was no sign of problems last summer/autumn. Might the winter have killed it or forced it to take a "year off"?

On plant Metasequoia glyptostroboides



That's a little odd, because this tree is fully hardy, and despite last winter being very harsh, it shouldn't have killed it off - shocked it maybe, and followed by a very up and down spring and early summer (hot one minute, cold the next) which may have delayed growth, but I'd have expected signs of life by now. If there are no signs of disease (check the base of the trunk to see that all is well there) and no honey fungus in the vicinity, I'm not sure what's going on with it.

22 Jun, 2010


I agree, very strange.

22 Jun, 2010


Might it have been trying to sprout during that last big frost in spring? Still, it should be sprouting from the branches.

22 Jun, 2010


Thanks for responses.
No sign of honey fungus, but there seems to be a grey coloured viscous secretion coming out ofthe trunk in a couple of places about one foot (30cms) above ground level.
As to the frost, there might well be a problem there but it is not my tree to keep a close eye on to know whether it had started sprouting before the last frosts - which were quite hard and late in that part of Somerset. There really was no sign of sprouting at last week-end's inspection.

23 Jun, 2010


Ah - the reason I asked you to check the base of the tree is that they are susceptible to root and butt rot, usually entering through damaged areas of bark low down, often caused by strimming, for instance. If the tree doesn't recover and start growing, it would probably be best to have it removed, if the areas of rot or ooze spread and get worse.

23 Jun, 2010

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