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i have 3 chilli plants all from seed but the whole flower stems keep falling off not just the flower. and will 3 plants be ok in one large pot as my window seals are small

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The flowers dropping is caused by a drop in temperature usually at night. I advise you to take them out of the window at night.

3 plants in one pot? Dunno, it all depends on the variety of chillies and the size of the 'large pot'.

If you are using tap water let it stand for 24 hrs in an open top container before use (water too cold straight from tap).

22 Jun, 2010


If bees are in short supply, touch an artist's paintbrush to the open ends of the flowers, alternating bushes between touches.

22 Jun, 2010


Artists brush???
I pollinated my chillies with great success by tickling them with my little finger tip. ;-)

22 Jun, 2010


Well, I do that too, but some people I recommended that to used greasy fingers while they were cooking and wound up killing the flowers!

22 Jun, 2010

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