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we planted a brambley seedling apple tree 18 years ago on an old farm muck heap area its grown well but never produced a great crop, recent years ive tried to improve this in several ways. .First hard winter prune all leaders back to 3",
This produced good growth lots off flowers but sadley not a lot of fruit
Then i was advised to plant a crab apple close by which i did this tree fruited well.
We also started keeping our own bees, ive wood ash mulshed fitted grease bands, it currently has one apple on it and its making great summer groth



Prune at the end of july too - shorten all the leaders back to a few buds. energy should go in to the fruit- production. Unfortunately some trees just don't fruit well - so you might want to replant. My Bramley produces too much fruit (not what you want to hear!) and i always think its because its got a compost heap each side of it!

22 Jun, 2010


Bramley is unfortunatel a triploid which basically means that genetically it needs two different pollinators to produce fruit. The crab apple is one good pollinator so choose yet another different variety or another domestic apple such as the superb Red Windsor as the second pollinator.

22 Jun, 2010

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