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By Mtp123

Lincolnshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have moved house and have a honeysuckle growing up a trellis. It has flowered and now going to berries but last year that was it no more flowers. I see others flowering for much longer why? Should I be replacing it and if so with what variety please, very new gardener help appreciated




There are many varieties of Honeysuckle, and they flower at different times. I wouldn't dig this one up - if you like honeysuckle plant another one that flowers later.

20 Jun, 2010


Have a look at Lonicera 'Serotina' - this flowers from mid summer through till Autumn. There are, though, as Silverbelle says, many different honeysuckles to choose from, all flowering at different times, and often looking quite different from one another, some scented, some not. 'Serotina' is fragrant.

20 Jun, 2010


Thank you both much appreciated, I will go to a garden centre and have a look what is on offer and perhaps plant another couple with different flowering seasons as well as the one I already have.

21 Jun, 2010

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