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Hello. I'm growing peas, sweet peas and nastursiams amonst other plants (mostly veg) in pots on my terrace. Recently the leaves of these three species have come under attack...there's holes in them often to the point that only the veins of the leaves are left like a skeleton. I've found a green caterpillar under one leaf....light green with a delicate white pattern looking like squares over it, about 1cm long. Does anyone have any ideas what might be eating the plants (is it this caterpillar and if so what is it?) and how I can treat for it, preferably organically but I'll listen to alternatives! Thanks very much.



Hi Flisskeen and welcome to GoY it is undoubtedly the caterpillar that has eaten the leaves! You can pick them off or spray with soapy water. I wont use chemicals on anything we will be eating. There is a garlic concentrate which you water on which is meant to help to strengthen the plants so that they can cope with caterpillars and white/green/black fly.

20 Jun, 2010

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