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There is a large leylandii cypress tree in a neighbour's garden which overhangs mine. Although it has been cut back I am continuing to find, as I found before it was cut, that nothing I plant survives in the part of my garden that lies in its shade. This year I planted peas from seed and although at first they appeared to grow quite vigorously, they have now shrivelled almost to nothing. Have the leylandii needles effectively poisoned this section of the garden so nothing will grow? Is there anything that I can plant there that has a reasonable chance of success?



Nothing really grows in their deep shade also the roots suck all the goodness from the ground they grow 3-5 feet per year so take up everything! I would have said veg was a no no as are most perennials close to them. How much does the neighbour want this tree? as they are costly to keep trimming? may be they will agree to its removal you could always offer to help with the cost? If there are more than one and form a continuos hedge they may have to keep them down to 6 feet?

19 Jun, 2010

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