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The leaves on the clematis plant I purchased started to die off soon after it was planted but after watering and feeding fresh leaves started to appear and the plant was looking healthy when we left on holiday. The plant was watered regularly whilst we were away but the on our return, the leaves appear to have died off once again. What have we done wrong? Did we overwater the plant and is there any hope that the plant will survive



clematis have to be planted quite deep so that their roots are covered and it is always best to cover the bottom of the clematis with either stones or a broken plant pot.
I recently bought a sunflower plant and the same thing happened I asked for advise on this site and was advised to make sure I was watering it enough and keep it out of direct sunlight. I was also told that I shouldn't of moved it when it was in flower.
The main thing I would check is to make sure about the watering. it shocks me sometimes just how much water a newly planted plant needs.

20 Jun, 2010

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