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I have runner beans growing in a prepared bed, south facing. Although the growth is reasonable the leaves appear to be a pale green as opposed to the darker green I see in other gardens. Is there a possible problem???



Are you watering them sufficiently/to much? also you could try feeding them.
I use tomato feed on all of my climbing/vine type veggies!

18 Jun, 2010


Thanks for that.

What would you say is sufficient watering? Most books advise watering only in drier conditions.

Also do you feed only when the crop emerges?


21 Jun, 2010


If you have a light sandy soil (like mine!) then it can dry out in less than 24 hours but obviously heavier clay soils hold on to moisture for longer.
A good way of finding out is to poke your finger into the top couple of inches of soil and if it sticks to your finger then it is moist enough.

As for feed then I usually start to feed mine when the flowers first set.

21 Jun, 2010



Not sure if there isn't a possible problem with the soil; some sunflowers are looking the same, but in another part of the garden.
Will have to invest in a soil test.


23 Jun, 2010

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