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Fern leaves going crispy due to too much sun. This is Polystichum Tsu-sinense (spelling close). It was nicely in shade beneath a tall rose, but the rose had to come out. And now the leaves on this lovely fern are looking a bit dry and dehydrated (though no dehydration at the roots), and are curling upwards slightly. It has lost its bright greenness and is looking a darker green. I have a feeling it is getting too zapped and frazzled by the sun. I have some shade netting over it, but I think too much sun may have been getting through that. I am thinking of excavating it and moving it to full shade. But what I would like to know is, should I trim off all the leaves to close to the base, and will it grow new, fresh better leaves this summer if I do? Or should I transplant it with the leaves as they are? (I have anohter of these Tsusinense's in my living room as a houseplant, and its leaves are much better).

Poystichum._008 Poystichum._010



I would trim off all the older leaves but leave any newer smaller ones in place. Better to move it to shade where it will be happy.

21 Jun, 2010

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