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Somerset, United Kingdom Gb

how do u get strawberry runners 2 grow



Most kinds don't need special coaxing, though a few are shy of producing runners, especially some (though not all) of the "everbearing" kinds. Usually, regular moderate feeding increases runner production.

18 Jun, 2010


Any strawberry plants we've had produced runners without our doing a thing. I'm not sure we have everbearing strawberries in the UK Tugb.

18 Jun, 2010


They're pretty common in the Pacific Northwest of the States. They're not really everbearing, but they have a much longer producing season than the average "June-bearing" strawberry. 'Quinault' is the most common "everbearing" kind in Arizona, but it also is one of the most prolific in terms of runners, while some other kinds hardly ever make runners.

18 Jun, 2010


Once the runners come put a small pot of soil under the little plantlet and peg them into the soil until they have rooted and then cut it off from the main plant. :o)))

18 Jun, 2010


Yes that is the easiest way LadyE

Almost certain we don't have the everbearing type of strawberry in the UK

18 Jun, 2010


Hello all,
When growing a strawberry runner, I put a bottomless flower pot in the earth and I lay te runner on the soil in this pot. A narrow slot in the flower pot edge fixes the stem of the runner. The runner can grow bigger because the pot has no bottom. You get big runners with large root balls.
More info about this on my weblog: (26: Strawberry runners: use flower pots and bulb planter).

Greetings, Sjef

16 Dec, 2012

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