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Please help identify my new plants

Davidson, North Carolina, United States Us

I hope someone can help me here. I bought these at my local Food Lion yesterday for .99. They all have a tag that says "tropical foliage" which doesn't help me at all. I just
wanted to know what they were and how to care for them, Thank you.
here is my FLICKR for better pictures




Hello?, sorry I didn't see your name. Plant 1 looks like a ficus species, but don't take my word for it. Plant 2 is a palm species, does it have thorns at the bottom near it's base? 3 Is hard to say but looking at the leaves starting to colour it could be croton.4.Is either a palm ( yes there are some like that ) or an asipidaster, which I have growing huge in my garden, similar leaves, ribbed. 5 Ihave no idea and 6 I have in my garden in the shade. I don't know the name but looks like a succulent type. I suggest, which I often do, is to go to google and type in tropical plants, they obviously would grow big into bushes or trees in the tropics apart from no.6 which is slow growing and will stay small. I will look that one up and let you know, because I have it in my garden too. Did the label not say how big it would grow or how to care for it? Is that Food Lion a charity stall/shop? Perhaps you could trace where they come from? Good luck, othewise you'll have to wait till they grow bigger. But keep them warm anyway.

23 Jul, 2008


I think the one with the stripes across the leaves is a Sanseveria. Possibly Hahni var. The one behind it could be a Dracena of some type.

23 Jul, 2008


Could one - the one in back of the small striped on in front - be a bromeliad? The leaves look kind of similar to me, but I could be wrong.

Something similar happened to me when my mom gave me a leaf she bought me as a gift at the .99 cent store - it came with nothing - no tags, no explanation - it grew and grew and finally, with the help of GOY, I found out it wa sa banana tree! It's huge now. Food Lion is a supermarket, I don't have one near me but I buy some of my flowers at Kroger's so among the food and the wines there's the plants! =)

24 Jul, 2008

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