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Can someone identify this plant please?
photo taken today it's nearly 7ft high, has an aromatic smell. Had this now about 3 years don't know how it got in the garden,

101_0351 101_0352



Achillea possibly wilsonii.

17 Jun, 2010


yes I have thought it a Achillea, but never found an image of one with as big a leaf or as tall. The Wilsonii seems to relate to Aconitum, which it isn't. thank you for your thoughts

17 Jun, 2010


Have a look at the Cotswold Garden Flowers website, I got my plant like this from them.

17 Jun, 2010


its not an angelica is it? dont think it is now so i'll shut up :o)

17 Jun, 2010


My mum has a big clump of this. It's Achillea millefolium var.gigantea. It's belongs to a species complex ranging from small dwarf plants to this giant though all closely related to each other.

17 Jun, 2010


I thought it was A. wilsoniana, but would not argue, the label went years ago. It does set seed all over the place too.

18 Jun, 2010


on looking at the achillea millefolium gigantea, my leaves are much bigger and lush green

thanks for all the replys first time used this site, it's been very useful

22 Jun, 2010

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