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I have had a very severe skin reaction possibly assocaited with pruning leycesteria. This has resulted in 6 weeks of rash followed by crator like lesions which are only just clearning following 10 days of antibiotics. Is this unusual?

On plant Leycesteria formosa



Hello Guest. Just done some research and found that the Himalayan honeysuckle, also called pheasant berry, can cause skin allergies. You probably got some of the pruning sap on your skin, which is toxic in some degree. Some people say they can eat the berries, although a child was reported to have sharp stinging pains in the mouth not unlike chili.
So yes, this is probably what caused your reaction. Always be cautious in the garden when you are not familiar with a plant. I wonder if you saw a doctor at once and was given some antihistimamines which would have eased the rash. I wonder too if the rash was itchy and you were scratching which could have caused the lesions and so causing an infection which needed antibiotics to clear up.
You seem to be an allergic type and you can be affected by many plants, fruit etc. So best be careful and have some antihistamines handy in the house.

16 Jun, 2010


ive had this problem , and i ended up seeing my Doctor , and she said it was eczema and she asked me what i had been doing and i told her i was dealing with a climbing rose, it turned out i was allergic to the soil in the pot.

No it is not unusual to be allergic to plants etc, feverfew is another plant some people are allegic to.
So you are not the only one to suffer with this skin problem.
I use Avons Plant Spa hand cream on my hands and arms and it works wonders

16 Jun, 2010

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