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Lawn problem


By Ina

United Kingdom Gb

i just moved into this place with a big garden all grass, but half it is so mud, and extremely wet it never dries I would like any idea how to get rid of the problem so we could use that part of the garden. Thanks - Ina.



Hi Ina. Do you want grass to grow on that wet area? Perhaps since you have so much lawn already, why not turn it into a garden bed, put some rocks around it add some pottingmix and grow plants in it. That you'll never need to water that bit of garden. ( Wish I had that problem, lol ). But if it needs to become lawn, all you can do is dig some drains and put some of those black poly drainpipes with the holes in the ground ( 2 feet deep at least ) and cover with some blue metal, then put sand/soil on top and plant grass in it. The water will run into the pipes and run away to a lower point, hopefully outside your fence to the street or pathway, or whatever. Well, that's what I would do, good luck Ina.

22 Jul, 2008


Or - use it to your advantage and make it into a bog garden! There are lots of wonderful plants and flowers that enjoy the damp conditions, like a Gunnera, Primulas, Ligularias, some Irises, Rodgersia, Astilbe, Persicaria, Mimulus, Darmeria, oh, so many!

22 Jul, 2008

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