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By Zenga

Devon, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone advise me on buying a garden pump. I have a small pond measuring apx 5ft in diameter and would like one which will give me quite a powerful flow of water.Thanks Angie.



We phoned Bradshaws water garden supplies when we bought ours. They were very helpful. We have a geyser bubble fountain attachment but I'm afraid I don't know the size of the pump, it all depends on how high you want the water to be pushed upwards and the speed of the flow. Quite complicated unless you know what this all means!! Give them a ring.

15 Jun, 2010


Buy a good make as you will only have to buy another if you get a cheap one. But remember that if you agitate the water too much with a powerful flow then you won't be able to grow water lilies successfully as they prefer still water. Even the best pumps clog up unless they are thoroughly cleaned at the end of each season. I thought ours had completely failed and it was just totally blocked with algae.

15 Jun, 2010


Thanks to all who responded to my questions last year. Sorry I didn't act sooner but I had forgot the name of this site and found it again by pure chance this morning.. Cheers Zenga

4 Apr, 2011

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