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What plants do rabbits not like?



Euphorbias for one.!!!!!

15 Jun, 2010


There really should be a plant called 'rabbit bane', shouldn't there? After all you get hen's bane, wolf's bane and so on. But rabbits seem to eat everything, including things that should poison them. (like runner bean roots)
Personally, I'm waiting for the genetic engineers to breed a rabbit that eats exclusively horsetail and Japanese knotweed!
More seriously, on the rabbit problem, do you have a dog, and could it be kennelled outside in the summer in proximity to the plants? That would be most effective in deterring the rabbits.

15 Jun, 2010


In my experience, daffodils & kin, Dianthus chinensis, and Pelargoniums. There are probably many others, but I don't know which would do best there.

16 Jun, 2010

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