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Thanks again to everyone for answering my first question, but i am very new to this gardening stuff, and i have another question. How do i prepare the ground for growing veg, (my soil is heavy clay)? Will i now have to wait until next year to start growing?



If it had been earlier in the season, Potatoes are always a good crop to grow in heavy new ground as they will grow pretty much anywhere and help (to some degree) in breaking up the soil.

This autumn, you need to add plenty of organic material after you have turned over the area first. I'm sure more will add to this who are more familiar with growing veg.

14 Jun, 2010


Thanks Fractal for your answer. Please don't roll your eyes at me when i ask you this next question, because when I say that I am new to gardening, I really do mean it. Is organic material manure?

15 Jun, 2010


Well rotted manure & home-made compost, Goosegrass....and nobody on GoY will roll their eyes at you! Promise! :-)

15 Jun, 2010



15 Jun, 2010

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