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I have a tree in my garden that is about 7 years old, that I planted from a stone of a fruit from Corfu. I was told that it was a mesapila .The fruit resemble and taste a bit like an apricot. I have been unable to find anything out about it and now that the tree is over 8 foot high would like to know if it will fruit at all. Has anybody any help ?



It possibly isan apricot, can't find anything about it. Probably not self fertile.

13 Jun, 2010


Thankyou for your response. I was wondering whether mesapila was the greek word for it and in english it is something else. But have never eaten a fruit like it , only slightly resembling a apricot in shape, size but not in taste. Anyway I shall continue to grow it, it is very hardy and is outside all year round and will see what comes of it.

15 Jun, 2010


Good luck Dottiegirl, if it flowers try using a child;s paint brush to help pollenation

15 Jun, 2010

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