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to scotsgran, as far as i know it is a leylandii ,the tight leaves and twiggs suggest it is



thanks for the replys,i was looking deeper last night and found it might be,canker or aphids

11 Jun, 2010


i would still like to know your diagnosis thanks babylon5

11 Jun, 2010


Hi Babylon5, put - question number 1933 - in to the google box, top right and it will take you to a question and answer session in 2008 by members on here. The reason I asked if it was a leylandii was to help guide you to this question which I had found during an earlier trawl of this site. Without seeing it I would not hazard a guess as to what ails your hedge. I might give you the wrong advice and I am not an expert but there are several people on the site who are very knowledgable about a wide range of different gardening questions and they may be prompted to help you. It is best to keep all the Q's and A's to the original Q on the same page by using the 'Answer this Question' box which is under the previous answer. Hope you discover the solution soon. You could have a look at this link too

11 Jun, 2010


Hi, I think this relates to question 25304

11 Jun, 2010


Hi, I think this was answered on question 25304

11 Jun, 2010


Hi scotsgan thanks for the link,having problems downloading photos,will post them a.s.a.p

14 Jun, 2010

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