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I have purchased a lemon and orange tree recently, which i put into pots with a mix of top soil and recommended compost. The Orange tree flowered and then had green pods on which i thought would be the oranges, however they have all fallen off now! As for the lemon tree, it has not flowered, in fact apart from a little top growth, and some side shoots which i picked out it has done very little. They are both looking very limp, is there some thing i should be doing to these citrus trees?



If the pods are/were round then congratulations you have grown some oranges.
Oranges don't go orange in the tropics as its too warm. They only change colour when the weather has turned cool.
I read somewhere that when you think your orange tree needs watering because it looks dry...leave it for a few days more before watering. Then water gently until the compost has been thoroughly wetted, allow to drain and leave it to dry out again.

or, try in the section - citrus forum.
I hope this helps.

14 Jun, 2010


thanks for that, yes the pods were round, but only the size of peas, then fell off?

16 Jun, 2010

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