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moving a young tree

Suffolk, United Kingdom Gb

i have a acer tree in my garden but its got to big for its position about 10ft tall can it be moved if so how and when



Wait till winter when it's lost all its leaves. Never move a tree when green or flowering. Can you prune it back in the winter so it will be easier to shift? I don't know much about acers. How? Estimate the amount of root it has, dig a hole much deeper and wider than needed. Gently and far enough from the trunk, dig around the tree and wriggle it around, make sure not to cut through the roots. Then sit the tree in it the hole comfortably, put some dirt around it and pull the tree gently up a little, shaking a bit, so the earth can get in between the roots and no airpockets will form. Then push over the rest of the soil, firmly put your feet right next to the trunk and compact the soil. All the soil around the roots is soft as you had it dug up and this encourages growth, easier for the transplanted tree. Put some fertiliser around the tree. Good luck, but wait till dormant.

20 Jul, 2008


You can do now but you have too do a clod proportional with the Acer for be sure do it big and envelop the clod in a large material,fix it sturdy but of course the new place will be ready first and let the material search some pictures on the net <<clod tree>> if you don't understand my poor English

20 Jul, 2008


I would advise moving it in the late autumn NEXT year.
Early next year (say in Februaruy), go round it with a spade and sever all the roots leaving a rootball you can manage when you come to move it. Let it grow for another season, keeping it well watered to make up for the root damage. As soon as the leaves have dropped, you can move it and prune any top growth at the same time. Whatever you do, DON'T PRUNE AN ACER WHILE IT IS IN ACTIVE GROWTH - it will bleed badly and may kill the tree

20 Jul, 2008

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