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i planted onion bulbs & they were doing very will until my dog tramped on them a few time & I caught rabbits in garden around them now the greens are bent & they dont look so good. Will they still be ok? Should I pull them up & maybe replant them? thank u in advance.



Often the leaves will refirm them selves. I would leave them alone personally.

10 Jun, 2010


some of the leaves are already broken. will that matter. This is my first time planting bulbs-i got a lil braver this yr-i normally plant seeds for green onions. thank you again :)

10 Jun, 2010


the plant will produce new ones after all in the wild they will get walked on , nibbled etc.

10 Jun, 2010


sweet.thats good news never thought about it with any common sense. LOL thank you

10 Jun, 2010


thats the trouble with all the cossetted plants that we grow, we forget they come from the wild. :o)

11 Jun, 2010

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