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Daphne - Tangutica - dwarf shrub. I bought this shrub about one month ago. I wanted to see more Daphne but the garden centre in question didn't have many shrubs. How high can this one grow please and how often should I water and feed it to give it a good chance of growth?

On plant Daphne odora



Daphne tangutica's mature height is about 2 and a half to three feet max - prefers light shade, well drained soil, but doesn't like to dry out, so if in a pot, water when the compost is just starting to dry, and don't leave it standing in a drip tray of water for longer than half an hour. Topdress with Growmore in Spring, raked in around the roots, but gently - they don't like root disturbance and hate being moved, so pick your spot carefully if putting in the ground.

9 Jun, 2010

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