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Hi I have a very patchy lawn. Could you tell me if now is a good time of year to put some grass seed down and how would I give the seed the best chance of gorwing? As a last resort I may have to turf it and wondered if this is an easy enough job for an absolute beginner



Mow around the patches so the surrounding grass isn't over the patches.
Remove any weeds from the bald patches. Rake over the surface or fork if the soil is compacted. Rake again breaking up any lump to you get nice lose fine soil or tilth.
Gently firm this down, sow the seeds, water gentle so as not to push seed about or disturd soil and net to keep bird off it.
Keep it well watered esp. if the sun comes out and leave it to growfor a few weeks or longer, and dont mow it right away.
Then mow on a higher cut than the rest, eventually lowering over a few weeks.

If the patches need levelling, then use a mix of topsoil and compost to fill in any dips and repeat above.

9 Jun, 2010

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