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Inherited with new house a massive plant - its a bit like a rheum or a gunera but the leaves are much more toothed. It is palmatum shaped and highly denticulate. It appears to spread as last year there was one - now there are three some 10 feet apart. It grows about 4-6ft high in the leaf, which like rubarb, is just one leaf on one stem. It throws up a huge flower spike but has a rather diappointing white/cream flower not much more than ordinary rhubarb in flower quality just bigger. What is it? DO I say "how lucky" or get out the weed killer?



It could still be a rheum as there are several species of it. R officinalis grows 2m tall and has a finely cut edge to the leaf. as to keep or lose it is personal choice..
any chance of a photo?
welcome to GoY too

8 Jun, 2010

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