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what do you pull off tomatoe plants to help grow



Nothing until the trusses are large, then take a few lower leaves off to enable more light to help ripen the fruit. When the number of potential trusses reaches 6 or 7, if the plants are under glass, pinch out the growing points at the top. You'll need to pinch them out if the plants are outside, too, but at 5 0r 5 trusses.

8 Jun, 2010


do you mean the shoots growing in the leaf axils to turn the plant into a cordon instead of a bush? I remove them as they appear but if you are a novice do be careful not to remove the flower truss !

8 Jun, 2010


Oooh! I forgot about pinching them out - thanks, Pam!

8 Jun, 2010


Hi Spritz, wasn't sure thats what was meant but I thought I'd add it anyway!

8 Jun, 2010


Glad you did - at least we gave a full answer! ;-)

8 Jun, 2010

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