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I am about to move into a house where the garden needs redoing completely. I need the decking that is there taken up to have some work done on the drainage. The garden is walled 30 ft wide and 50 ft long. It has a cellar all of it's length. The previous owners had a lining put in to prevent water getting into the cellar. I want now to design the garden any suggestions of how to go about a design with shallow plants grass and pretty borders Think I need some advice on the cellar.





wow any pics and you should get lots of help on here

7 Jun, 2010


First and most important thing is to work out which way it faces in terms of north, south, whatever, whether it's very shady because of overhanging trees or other objects that block light - what you can plant in a southfacing, exposed, very sunny garden, particularly with walls, will be quite different from what you can plant in, say, an eastfacing garden with walls and overhanging trees. Also where you are in the UK in terms of colder or warmer part of the country.

7 Jun, 2010

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