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I am a new gardener and I have a leucothoe which is planted in a large tub and I have had for a year. The top foliage appears all crinkled and very dry ? dead. A freind says she thinks it is frost damaged. Do I cut this back to the good foliage underneath?

On plant Leucothoe fontanesiana



Yes, this is probably the best thing to do. Most of the new growth comes from the rootstock anyway. I have to say, Leucothoe's are very temperamental plants and only grow well if conditions suit them just right. We had one at work that grew in a dry dust bowl of a garden under at tree and it thrived. They are supposed to like acidic moisture retentive soils with plenty of organic matter.....some plants eh!

4 Jun, 2010


thanks for that

4 Jun, 2010

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