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By Mikelia

Lourinha, Portugal Pt

Hi, your help pls. We have one orange and one lemon tree, about one year old. Watered every other day and although there are some new leaves growing these quite a number of thes eare curling and are yellowish. What can we do to bring these two trees back to full health? Thank you. Emilia Saunders



Are they planted in the ground? If they are, they won't need watering as much as that! One really good soak once every 10 days should be fine. You could also mulch around their bases with leaf mould or compost to help retain moisture.

If they are in containers, how big are the containers compared to the plants. You may still need to only water well every 3-5 days depending on how quickly the soil seems to dry out.

The soil (if in the ground) may be lacking in magnesium which Citrus are very prone to. Epsom salts watered now and again should help.

4 Jun, 2010

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