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How do you take birch tree cuttings to grow on and how big can they be.
Can they be grown on in pots before planting out aound a lake to say 5ft.



Sorry Steve, Birch cannot be taken from cuttings. They can however be grown relatively easily from seed sown fresh when ripe in seed trays. Keep in a cold frame outdoors over winter to break their dormancy and they should come up the following spring. Their second year of growth speeds up and their third year is very quick.

4 Jun, 2010


thanks for the info,
i wanted to grow a few for around our lake where do i get the seeds and how much etc

5 Jun, 2010


Just collect the seeds as their "cones" start to break up around July-August for Betula pendula (Silver Birch). Sow immediately into seed trays in good light but not in full sun into a seed compost with maybe a little extra grit/sharp sand added. Keep well watered and leave them outside over winter. You should get at least 15-20% come up.

Prick them off into small cell pots. Give occasional liquid feeds. Once they get a year under their belt, pot on into single 1 litre pots with a little tree rootgrow added (in contact with their roots). This is microhorizal fungus that Birch need to grow well. You can buy the tree rootgrow from good garden centres. Don't get the one for roses though!

5 Jun, 2010


thanks very much!

5 Jun, 2010

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