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I ve just dead headed the last of the wallflowers which I grew from seed. They have flowered twice, last winter and spring, so is this the end of them? Shall pull them up and compost them or will they flower again? Also they've got seed pods at the top of them, (I think that's what they are)! I would like to use the containers they're in, otherwise I'd just put them somewhere out of sight. What do other gardeners do?

On plant Erysimum cheiri



They may well keep going for a few more years, but they tend to get very leggy and sprawly - if you want to keep them, put them somewhere else and cut them back and leave to grow on to try to maintain bushiness.

4 Jun, 2010


Last year I cut mine down to the new green growth right at the bottom and they came back even better this year, so I am doing the same again this year.

5 Jun, 2010


Really? They are looking a bit tatty but I didn't want to chuck them out really. So, ok I will cut them back and put them somewhere out of sight. Thank you Bamboo and Njarratt.

5 Jun, 2010

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