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I have several large tubs of Aspidistras which are fairly old but have always been very healthy up to now. The leaves have developed long rips or tears and the ends are turning brown. I have noticed that snails seem to love living in the folds of the leaves and wonder is this shredding of the leaves can be due to them. Also is the browning too much water or not enough? I would appreciate any help at all as I do love them and would hate to lose them. Thanks in anticipation. Frances



I'm slightly confused - Aspidistra is a houseplant, yet you talk about snails liking to inhabit them. If you had it in the house, I don't see how snails can be in there, so do you really mean Aspidistra?

4 Jun, 2010


you can grow it outside Bamboo and it is fully hardy. in the wild it is pollinated by beetles and slugs/snails. the brown tips and shredding happens as the leaves age. so if they are old leaves that is probably why. as for water they are not fussy but prefer a little shade during the day.

4 Jun, 2010

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