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By Hobbs

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

The leaves on our laurel bush are turning yellow and falling off. It has been happy inthe present postion for abour four years and is about 4 foot tall. Could you advise please. Many thanks

On plant Plain Green Unfortunately I am unable to take photograph



Photograph would be useful, but is it just some of the lower leaves? Because leaf drop on evergreens does occur quite naturally. Which kind of laurel is it - spotted (Aucuba japonica) or plain green (Prunus laurocerasus).

2 Jun, 2010


plain green. Don't know how to do a photograph

Many thanks for your trouble

2 Jun, 2010


And is it just the lower leaves - hows the growth at the top, it is putting out new? I note you live in Essex, where I suspect it's been as dry as it has here in West London - could it be suffering from drought?

2 Jun, 2010

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