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By Boots

Inverness-Shire, United Kingdom Gb

have had to cut back my climbing rose as it seems to have dry stems and isnt growing have cut back to stage when i bought it and as yet isnt recovering, the stems arent brown they look green but very dried



give it some good fed like miracle grow , hopefully it will perk up after that

2 Jun, 2010


how long have you had it? When you planted it did you give it lots of loose soil for the roots to penetrate? I suggest you need to give it lots of water and very little feed. the plant needs to get a strong root system going in the first place. Too much feed now will compromise the way it takes up water.
Hope this helps.

2 Jun, 2010


the annoying thing is there is no visible sign of die back but no buds and no new growth, just withered stems .

have let it re establiush itself in the front of house and so far no luck-------- might try miracle grow

4 Jun, 2010

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