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South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

The leaves on my pear tree have got little bumps all over them and the setting pears appear to be mishapen

Pear_tree_001 Pear_tree_002 Pear_tree_003



This appears to be Pear leaf Blister Mite. The only treatment I'm afraid is physically removing effected leaves. If I was you, I would prune back the whole tree to three or four year wood to force it to re-shoot. If all leaves left are taken off this should break the cycle of the mite and you will be rid of it for good. It will take a couple of years to grow back flowering and fruiting wood but it will be worth it. There is simply no effective chemical treatment.

2 Jun, 2010


Interested to read this as the same thing happened to my plum tree last year. Would this be the same mite do you think. I pruned mine hard last year to reduce it's size by half - I have'nt seen any of these blisters so far this year.

2 Jun, 2010


Pear leaf Blister Mite is specific to Pears (Pyrus) so yours must be another problem. Not too sure what the blisters may be on a plum though could just be puckering from aphids?

2 Jun, 2010


Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. Your advice has been taken and i will be pruning it back. Thanks again Gisaju

6 Jun, 2010

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