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i want to repot an orchid,what compost or soil do i use. What kind of pot is the best. The roots are coming out of the pot it is in at the top.I need help

On plant mini orchid from marks & sparks



Can you say exactly what type it is (the genus) as this can have some bearing.

1 Jun, 2010


mini orchid from marks @ spencer

1 Jun, 2010


I presume you mistyped and mean Mini? Looks like a Phalaenopsis. The roots of these types of orchid naturally emerge from the pot. They can be lightly misted periodically. They don't mind the root restriction so don't panic. You will not need to repot for a season or two and then in a pot only an inch or two bigger.

Place the plant in good light, but not direct sunlight. When watering, an orchid expert friend of mine just says plunge them in tepid water, leave to drain for a couple of hours and allow to dry out well between waterings. Gaps of a week in summer being normal. Liquid feed only very occasionally (not as often as it says on the feed container!) with suitable orchid feed.

1 Jun, 2010

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