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Hi all - I've a much loved palm tree that seems to be wilting away to nothing - can anyone help? The leaves are brown and wilting from the tips up, and nothing I can do seems to help.

Anyone got any ideas what might be wrong wit her?

Thanks in advance for any help...

Andy (:




Looks like winter damage - is the trunk soggy at all, and is there any new growth coming from the centre at the top of the plant?

31 May, 2010


Hey - there's no obvious new growth as all the leaves are turning brown; on one side of the trunk the bark is peeling off and the wood underneath it is brown and appears soggy - this any use to you in a diagnosis? What would you recommend?


A (:

1 Jun, 2010


Sorry to say you either just wait and see, or chop the main trunk down below the damaged part and hope it sprouts from the bottom or up the remaining stem. Trunk problem is definitely frost damage.

1 Jun, 2010


Ah, that's a shame. Thanks for the response, we'll see how she responds with a bit of time.

A (:

2 Jun, 2010

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