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open wooden compost bin or compost tumbler? Our very fine sandy dry soil needs rich organic stuff - so what would be best for us? I don't think a wormery would hold enough waste... Thanks!



Take it from me Charlie wormeries take forever and I should know I have 4 of them!!! The tumbler is faster, but beware it is hard to move it when there is a lot in it! Hope you've got strong arms or a over half you will do it for you. If It were me I go for the slatted cube. As you will get creatures living init. if your lucky you might find hedgehogs or slow worms.

31 May, 2010


Brilliant advice, thanks. And the added bonus of slatted box looking nicer and potentially harbouring lovely creatures.

Just one more question, there are some very reasonable slatted cubes, and some 'modular' ones which are much more expensive - are the cheaper ones ok?

Many many thanks


31 May, 2010


Charlie save your self some money and do what I did many years afo. Pick up some pallets. You often see then dumped by the side of the road; knock a few nails in and hey presto a compost bin for nothing. I also have a plastic bin which heats up really quickly, but I dont find any creatures in it

31 May, 2010

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