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My white lilac tree has flowered but produced no leaves this year! It didn't seem to be doing too well last year either, but is worse this year. Once the blooms have died, the whole tree will look like it does in winter with no leaves! What is happening please and is there anything I can do to cure the problem? Up till now, the tree has been beautiful....I've had it for around 12-14 years now. Thanks.



Suggest you inspect the trunk and branches for signs of canker, lesions, infestation or other disease, right from the base of the tree to the tip of each branch. Something's going on, not sure what.

31 May, 2010


Many thanks for your response. I shall take a close inspection as you suggest and if I find anything....will probably ask for treatment suggestions on here! It's was such a beautiful tree so hope the problem is treatable?

1 Jun, 2010

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