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trying to find ideas for planting annuals with pot lying down instead of standing ty



the plants will still try to stand up even if you lay the pots on their side-- is this what you meant ? it could looke quite good--- different,

30 May, 2010


I once saw a vase shaped pot lying on it's side, and it had sort of burgandy coloured pansy's plantetd just inside the pot an some planted outside like it was wine spilled and running away from the pot

31 May, 2010


Intriguing idea but a pain to water I would think.

31 May, 2010


Just lay pot on top of soil in garden plant pansy's or plant of your choice, then water easy peasy lol

31 May, 2010


I could see ground hugging plants working, even perennials such as aubretia and some sedums

1 Jun, 2010

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