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moving rose bushes within the garden

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I have just moved into my first home with a garden. Never hardly sat in one before let alone looked after one. There are rose bushes everywhere and most never see the light of day. I would like to move them to what I think is a nice sunny area. I don't know when I should do this. There are some buds but without sun they are not developing any further. Plus they haven't been pruned. Can someone tell me when I should dig them up and should they be pruned before then or later. I've researched preparing beds for roses but can't find much for established plants. Help here would also be great.



Hello Yello(wrosebushes ), LOL. I have moved many rose bushes in my life and they all took to it nicely. But....there's one rule. Only move the bush when it is dormant, meaning....end of autumn or winter, depending on your weather. Pruning comes before moving and pruning comes after all the leaves or nearly all its leaves have fallen off. There might be some branches with brown dry leaves, that is ok. But some rosebushes hold in there for a long time, still some buds are coming, then wait. As soon as you've pruned them, transplant them, cause, and again depending on your weather, they often start sprouting again soon after pruning. It actually stimulates the growth. Prune them heavily back, to 4 or 5 stalks at the most, above last years growth. You can tell by its colour, it is green, whilst old wood is brown. Dig the hole before you dig up the plant, so its roots will be minimally exposed to the air. The hole should be big enough to accommodate the roots. Fill with dirt and shake a little on the bush, so that all soil compacts and no air is left around the roots. I totally agree with you: roses need a sunny spot. Good luck, so be a little patient....till November I would say. If you do it too early, the plant could die.

15 Jul, 2008


If there is a lot of old wood and hardly any new growth, I'd also be inclined to cut most of the old stems right out to ground level and just leave about three trimmed back as Marguerite suggested. This should encourage it to generate new shoots from the base which should flower in the second year after moving

15 Jul, 2008

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