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By Itx

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Hello, can anyone help with a little advice please.

I've owned a Callistemon Bottlebrush for a few years now, recently I've noticed that there are a few brown leaves on it, is this normal for this type of bush.

It's never happened before, I'm concerned that it may be dying.

Can anyone supply any information, I would be grateful for any advice/tips that maybe useful.

P.S. How do you maintain these bushes, do they need any special attention, I've always left it, it's always come back each year without any issues, apart form this one which I've mentioned above.





I've had the same trouble with mine this year, but it's just the cold we've had during May after a very warm April, or possibly a bit of drought in my case! Prune it back after its flowered to keep it bushy and a good shape. If its in a pot, you should probably feed it around now if you haven't done so, if its in the ground, don't worry about it. You can trim the dead leaves off now if you want to.

30 May, 2010

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