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My daughter bought me a Zone 7 hydrangea macrophylla-hortensia for Mother's Day. We live in Zone 5. What can I do to make this plant survive here, or is it a lost cause?

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Welcome! It will be an indoor-outdoor plant there, Acanaday. I would bring it in in early fall, when the nights start going into the low 60's--it will take light frost, but it doesn't like to go from a cold porch to a warm house! Once inside, it will need very bright light to maintain the flower buds that are already formed. A bay window in a cool room is ideal. A cool, but not unheated greenhouse would be even better, if available. The next spring, bring it outside into bright shade for a few hours each day, once the daytime temps are close to room temperature. Gradually increase the length of time outside, and the sun exposure, until the night temps are going above 60, then leave it out full time. Unless you are close to the lake, it would probably like afternoon shade in full summer, since it's a coastal plant in its native Japan. Good luck,

29 May, 2010

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